National Breast Cancer ENDS NOW!

Hi My Name is Steve Spiffler. I am an Artist from Stockton, CA. I just released a EP by the name of "Save The Boobies" and it didnt get posted on any blogs or get very much press. So I have brought you here to tell you a little about my EP and how it will hopefully SAVE SOMEONE's LIFE and Stop global and National Breast Cancer!
Breast Cancer Radiation kills about 40,000 people every year. If I could just save one person i would be happy. So I will be DONATING every single penny made from this EP to someone who has breat cancer but does not have enough money to pay for treatments.
I will follow up with Video on my Youtube page showing what im doing with the money, and future music videos for some songs off of "Save The Boobies"

The EP is only $4.20. If you wish to purchase it just click "Buy" below on the EMBED.

If you can't afford that right now, but still want to support me then feel free to add me on social networks and download my other FREE MIXTAPES HERE